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Contractors Partnership Recognition Program

Here are some samples of what we will write up about your business when you donate your professional contracting services to Habitat for  Humanity North Central Massachusetts for a whole house project or a smaller rehab project.  Call Carolyn Read at 978-348-2749 x206 for more details.


Not long ago, John Perry, owner of 4th Generation Electric, decided that it was time to look for ways to share his talents with the community.  "I believe that whether business times are good or sparse, if I give of myself, more will come back."  John attended one of our fundraising breakfasts in October 2011.  He became so excited about Habitat that he volunteered to do all the electrical work for the house on Read St in Fitchburg.  John has also volunteered to help with the next home.  John's commitment to Habitat is rooted in his Christian beliefs and his own belief that it is good to help others help themselves.  "I really believe it is better to help someone get a chance to help themselves rather than to just give something away."  Many people do not realize that Habitat does not give away homes.  We sell our homes through 0% mortgages which become like a revolving loan fund that finances future homes.  Each family selected must also do up to 350 yours of sweat equity on their home or other Habitat projects.

As Habitat for Humanity --North Central Massachusetts continues to increase the numbers of families that we serve, our success will be due, in part, to the commitment of other licensed contractors like John.  So we are beginning a recognition program for any licensed contractor who donates all or part of their services to a Habitat house in north central Massachusetts or to one of our smaller Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative projects.  Part of the recognition will be to share the stories and logos on our website!


Suppliers will also be recognized!

Mark Anderson of Granite City Electric, based in the South Shore Habitat region, worked out a partnership with South Shore Director Martine Taylor that included supporting Habitat affiliates across the state.  Originally, the electrical supply company was only supporting houses being built in the South Shore region.  Martine helped Mark see how he could have more impact on families across the state while also spreading word about Granite City.  Habitat NCM was lucky enough to be one of the first affiliates outside South Shore to recieve a gift from Granite City in the form of all the electrical materials needed for the Read St project.

Please call Executive Director Carolyn Read, 978-348-2749 x206, to find out more about how you can market your business and feel good at the same time by supporting Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts.