We are pleased to announce the dedication of 17 Myrtle Ave, Sterling, on January 19th at 11 am. This will be a unique ceremony day as we will do the dedication of Lauren Oliveira's new home on Myrtle and the groundbreaking ceremony for Nancy Chisholm's new home. Nancy and her son Zach will be purchasing the home at 11 Laurel Ave in Sterling. The public is invited to both of these events which will happen at the community house for the Waushacum Village Homeowner's Association at 9 Circle Ave. Parking is available where the snow has been removed from the grass immediately across from 9 Circle Ave. Please be aware that the speed limit is 5 miles an hour as the roads are very narrow! There will also be someone to direct attendees to alternative parking.

Following the dedication and the groundbreaking ceremony INSIDE 9 Circle Ave, those who wish may walk two blocks to 17 Myrtle Ave to tour the newly completed home. Others may attend a photo opportunity by watching Nancy and Zach literally put a shovel in the earth at their future home less than 100 feet away.