Builds: Local Project - Lancaster, MA Builds: Local Project - Lancaster, MA Builds: Local Project - Lancaster, MA Builds: Local Project - Lancaster, MA Builds: Local Project - Lancaster, MA

Builds: Local Project - Lancaster, MA

It's official!  The Wagleys close on their new home!

Beth and Jeremy Wagley at the closing

Family Advocate, Amy Ives, Beth and Jeremy Wagley and Attorney William O'Neil at the closing.

Thank you to everyone for making this house a home
in partnership with the Wagley Family!

This circa 1900 property was derelict for some time before it was donated to Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts by the Town of Lancaster.  Now it is a super-insulated home with high performance triple-glazed windows, efficient heating equpment, balanced ventilation with heat recovery and meticulous air sealing.

This is one of two Habitat for Humantiy Deep Energy Retrofit projects receiving National Grid incentives in Massachusetts in 2011.

Visit our facebook page for more about this project and the dedication ceremony in July.


Meet the Wagleys - our Lancaster partner family!

New Lancaster Habitat Family

Jeremy, Kathleen (Beth) and Lily Wagley are the newest members of the Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts' family.  They are excited about their journey toward homeownership and look forward to working on the house, putting in their "sweat equity" alongside Habitat volunteers. 

Welcome Jeremy, Beth and Lily!

What is a Local Partner Committee?

Local Partner Committees bring together volunteers who work to obtain a building site for a Habitat house, raise awareness and support for a habitat project in their town, and raise the funds to build the house. If you have interest or experience in construction, PR, community outreach or fundraising, we can use your expertise and energies as a Lancaster volunteer. For more information, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa McCall at 978-598-3826 or by email at

Lancaster-Clinton Local Partner Committee

Joe Farragher

Sal Bhimji

Sue Reardon

Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa McCall

Faith Partnership
Kate Farragher (Chair)

Laura Galeski

Public Relations
Noreen Piazza (Chair)


Want to bring Habitat to your community?

Contact Executive Director, Carolyn Read, 978-348-2749